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Peace & Revolutionary Greetings,

Welcome to THE TALKING DRUM COLLECTIVE. This site is a collective of organizations used to create an United Front for African people in order to effectively fight the criminals as One. It takes a whole village to raise a child, and it also takes a whole nation to win justice. We must fight this battle to end globalization, IMF World Bank loan poverty creation loan programs, neocolonialism, imperialism, terrorism, drugs usage, racism, and zionism. Democracy itself is at stake. The Pan-African nation is scattered around the world because Africa is the main targets of these crimes. There is a necessity for a strong African Union.

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It is essential for US to UNITE!

We MUST Unite!

This is for our people and we are always accepting ideas, thoughts, and suggestions for the collective. One thing is certain, we are about the unification Of African People. Join Us. We Must Unite!

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