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Who is The Talking Drum Collective?
The Talking Drum Collective is a collective of organizers and website owners who have came together in the spirit Unity for the upliftment of Afrikan People. Over the years we have become the premier Afrikan informational websites. Some of the more popular websites include: TheTalkingDrum.Com (The Talking Drum); AssataShakur.Org, which is currently engaged in the Hands Off Assata Campaign; and Afrikan.Net, who constantly updates mailing list with information about Political Prisoners and other issues.

Though these sites are the most popular all of the collective sites are notable. Why the talking drum symbol? During the 1800's the talking drum was banned throughout most of the western hemisphere, for fear of unregulated communication amongst Afrikan People and for fear of coordinated rebellions, due to its ability to communicate with Our People in code and great distances. In the spirit of the talking drum we communicate to Our People information, pride, and hope. The collective is used to create a United Front for Our People to effectively fight as one.

The Talking Drum Collective's Family of Sites:

www.TheTalkingDrum.Com – The Talking Drum, The Largest Afrikan Informational Site
www.AssataShakur.Org – Dedication site Sis. Queen Assata Shakur, Hands Off Assata Campaign
www.AssataShakur.Org/forum Largest Afrikan based Discussion Board
www.RBGStreetScholar.Com – RBG Street Scholar
www.RBGStore.Com – Afrikan Culture Products - RBG Flags, Shea Butter, RBG Bandanas, Jewelry – Free Library of Audio/Video of Our Leaders/Educators – RBG Worldwide 1 Nation
www.PositivelyBlack.Net – Official Junious Ricardo Stanton
www.FuckThePolice.TV – The Revolutionary Rap Group FTP – Aisha Sekhmet
www.Ag-East.Org – Afrikan Centered New Service
www.BlackMic.Com – Black Mic Online Radio
www.TheDrum.Org – The Talking Drum Collective site
www.AssataShakur.Net – Mirror site to AssataShakur.Org
www.HandsOffAssata.Net – Hands Off Assata Campaign
www.WhatTheProblemIs.Com – Del Jones: The War Correspondent
www.KaiaShivers.Com – Kaia Niambi Shivers
www.PanAfricanPerspective.Com – Pan African Perspective
www.ThugLifeArmy.Com – Thug Life Army – Black Power Cartel – Abibitumi Kasa Afrikan Language and Liberation Institutes
www.GuerrillaFunk.Com – Guerrilla Funk
www.SundiataAcoli.Org – Sundiata Acoli – World Afrikan Diaspora Union (WADU)

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